Saudi air strikes, [Iran has rocked the Middle East] = ...

Turkey and Israel Jens Stoltenberg Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the day, about what Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil processing facility has been air strikes, he said that the tension in the region is increasing [are very concerned], He blamed Iran. Stoltenberg Secretary-General also, Iran has stated that [has rocked the entire Middle East region. Public damage photos the US Prior to this, the United States claim that Iran was involved in the air strikes, was published the satellite photos that capture the air strikes damage [unprecedented]. On the other hand, Hassan wax Hani president of Iran, air strikes is that it is countermeasures by Yemeni, has denied involvement. Iran anti-government armed organization Houthis faction of Yemen to boost has issued a statement that it has run the air strikes. Iran has denied the summit Iran, according to the United Nations General Assembly later this month, Rouhani president and Trump President ruled out the possibility of talks.

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