Japanese falls into the Middle East problem trap

Turkey and Israel Japanese falls into the Middle East problem trap - [Middle East solve large confusion] Sykes = spell of pico agreements hundred years - Why, to write this book? Middle East has a big confusion. The cause is something. Of the situation in the Middle East that appears to be in a fog, or should we foresee how the future. How come back peace and order in the Middle East if. What it was ended up when the various things If you keyword is considered to what comes into view is, it was a familiar textbook of world history [Sykes = pico agreement]. One hundred years after the Sykes = pico agreement just this year. During the First World War, the United Kingdom and France and conspiracy, the territory dominated areas after the Ottoman Empire collapsed, especially Iraq and Syria and per Israel Palestine of the current, by dividing the land to live many Arabs he promised to try to dominate. Called the Sykes = pico agreement by connecting the name of the British and French colonial administrators that hits the negotiations.

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