Iran threat

Turkey and Israel Study of the [Iranian threat] in the Japan-US alliance under Introduction For the Middle East, there is a common goal and also differences between Japan and the United States. For example, Japan will financially support the Palestinian Authority, and also dispatched PKO mainly constituted by the Ground Self-Defense Force in the Golan Heights. Such Japan of effort, it is no doubt intended to support the US efforts aimed at resolution of the Palestinian problem. In addition, oil can be said to be vital issue for Japan and the United States of energy security. In particular, oil than the United States, it is important for Japan to rely on its supply on imports from foreign countries, oil demand in Japan, affecting a matter of course in Japan's Middle East policy, the difference with the United States in this regard It is not compelled to appear. It may for example clearly reflected in Japan's Iran policy, because oil Iran is essential for Japan's energy security, Japan can not follow entirely Iran containment policy of the United States.

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