Why Japanese media is either not reported not at all the critical ...

Turkey and Israel Currently, the international situation related media is more time for the problems for Northeast Asia. As a result of sound the alarm bells and heavy important in other regions it has been overlooked is the Kunihiko Shimada, who served as a negotiation people in a number of international arena. Mr. Shimada in the e-mail magazine "of the last arbitration officer Kunihiko Shimada" invincible negotiations communication surgery "", the commentary and the signs of IS revival in progress in the Middle East, for the spark of war smolder, economic involvement with Kano region from and intimate diplomatic relations, news organizations also pointed out that should have a little more interest. Chain of fear traveling at the back of the Northeast Asia SHOW? Looking at the Japanese media, the international situation-related, we still US-North Korean summit meeting of the prospects and the future of Sino-US negotiation, only Japan and one news of the Northeast Asian region, such as tension growing between Korea is told .

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