Saku to know the history of the Middle East problem

Turkey and Israel Satu to know the history of the Middle East problem Saku to know the history of reading ... Middle East problem Saku first is Masayuki Yamauchi [Middle East International Relations History Research History - Turkey Revolution and Soviet Russia -] in the (Iwanami Shoten 0 month and year), a process in which the Republic of Turkey is formed Ottoman Empire dismantled after the first World War, military personnel big epic history told Crispy around the thought and behavior of politicians Kya Rocca suck label kill. Is a great work that spans the upper and lower sets 0 page only in the text, war and peace, ethnicity and religion, Russia and the confrontation of the UK, in the normal academic books such as the feud and a is "founding father" Kemal Ataturk rival fun of no story is attractive. Base price, it is 00 yen and expensive of the drawback is a possible Cadet in Minato-ku, library. Saku first is Tetsuya Sahara [origin of the Middle Eastern problem - the Ottoman Empire and the Armenians] (Hakusuisha 0, month and year).

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