Way of understanding of the Middle East problem

Turkey and Israel Way of understanding of the Middle East problem (Chiba University Professor Keiko Sakai) - world of immigration, though it is the French people the world is with French nationality, it is that has been discrimination as [immigrants] from the French society. Such discrimination and alienation is piled up estimates, a social problem from around the mid-000's, in 00 years will lead to major political riots. French government that does not listen to the voice of the immigrant society, if there European countries is first, I think that it is better to think and became a case in a way that is inspired by the [Islamic State]. Using that such incidents, and Do not we have to crush a variety of disturbing factors of the "Islamic State" and the Middle East], of a stretch now of international politics which is inclined to the military offensive support, deployment a changeover nature of the problem and we fear.

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